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About Malta

malta holidays                                                                                                                                                                                                                      We highly recommend that if you can, you take advantage of our wedding and extend your trip to Malta into a mini break.  Malta is a beautiful island, and we found the Maltese people to be exceptionally warm and welcoming.  They will go out of their way to help you - nothing is too much trouble!  They are also incredibly proud of their island, and will be eager to share its interesting and extensive history with you! We learned an awful lot about the island whilst sitting in the back of taxis! The island nation of Malta, popular with travellers from around the world, has a distinctly unique history and culture. Thought to be first inhabited in 5200 B.C., the island has an incredibly rich architectural heritage. Enjoy day trips to nearby St. Paul's Bay and Bugibba, or explore Malta's beautiful capital city, Valletta. Explore caves and natural wonders on the island of Gozo, easily accessible by ferry.  Malta's local currency is the Euro.

Flights to Malta

Flights to Malta land on the island country's only runway at the Malta International Airport. It is often referred to as Luqa Airport by locals and as Valletta Airport to international tourists. This is also the hub for Air Malta, the nation's official flagship carrier. Other air companies such as RyanAir and Easyjet connect Malta to key European cities.

After your Malta flight lands, a bus or a hotel shuttle can take you to the main city. The Maltese public transportation system is convenient, and buses leave the station every 20 minutes. Cars for rent are available at the Welcomer's Hall. Taxi cabs usually have fixed rates, and passengers can purchase pre-paid tickets at the airport.

Getting Around

Starting from the capital Valletta, travel through Malta aboard their vintage buses. Like airfare to Malta, bus fare in the country is a lot cheaper than it is in other European nations. The Maltese bus transport system only runs until 10 p.m. on weekdays. Taxis are better alternatives when you plan to stay out late. Taxi drivers usually charge Û15 for short trips.

Renting a car is convenient because the whole island is covered by GPS. Another fun way to go around Malta is by a rented bike. Exploring Malta by foot through its scenic trails is a great idea for tourists who want to get some exercise. There are also yachts for hire along the Grand Harbour Marina.



Main Attractions

Quaint Malta has many interesting attractions. The oldest city is Mdina, which is also the island's highest point. The nearby town of Rabat is known for its stunning medieval buildings and fort.

Malta is well known for its grand Christian churches. The St. John's Co-Cathedral, built by the Grandmasters of the Knights Hospitallier, is home to ancient relics.

Small saltwater lakes or an inland sea in Gozo are perfect spots scuba diving. Malta is also a jump-off point for diving spots in the Mediterranean Sea. So when looking for the best deals for your trip to the Mediterranean, buying cheap flights to Malta is the best route to go.

Shopping, Dining and Nightlife

Valletta is Malta's shopping and entertainment center, but shops in Maltese villages have their own charm as well. Look for local handicrafts as souvenirs.

Traditional Maltese cuisine is not generally served in restaurants. The specialty dish is fenek, or rabbit marinated with wine. Food lovers must taste Malta's delectable pastries called pastizzi. Italian bistros are scattered all throughout the island.

Tourists and locals head to Paceville district off St. Julian's for nightlife. Bars and pubs do not charge entrance fees, and beer is relatively cheap. Before midnight, you can catch a bus going to the main city.



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