Saturday 25th May 2013 - Married for 1949 days

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Mr and Mrs Ennis - 05/08/13 - 5:30pm

We are having a great time getting around to visiting our many wedding guests and friends with our now completed wedding album and video.

Our journeys have taken us to Loughborough, Scotland, Willmington and a few London locations.

We are having the best flash backs as we play catch up with you all.

If we have not met with you yet be aware we will see you soon.

Love you all.



More pictures please - 16/06/13 - 1:15pm

To all our guests,

We had to let our photo and video guys go after our first dance to open the floor so we do not have many pictures of the reception.

If you have any you can share please email them to us on or put them on this website.

Thanks and know you made our wedding a great one, love from Patrice and Phil xxxx

Phil & Patrice's Wedding Pics - 11/06/13 - 5:33pm

Hi Guys and Girls,

We have selected a few pictures from the over 600 that we have, to share with you.

Enjoy untill we next edit or add. Love you all. xx

We're off!!! - 22/05/13 - 10:03am

Hi Friends and Family,

So, we're 3 days away from our big day, and we're ridiculously excited.  We'll  be leaving for the airport in 1 hour from now, and we're so looking forward to seeing you all in Malta.

We hope to see you on Friday night at our pre-wedding BBQ, 8pm, poolside, Lagoon Bar, Radisson Blu, Golden Sands.

We cannot wait to feel some Maltese sunshine on our faces!

Thanks again so very much, for making such a huge effort to come and share our very special day.  It means the world to us.

Wishing you all a safe flight.

Lots of love.

Patrice and Phil


Our wedding story so far - 25/04/13 - 11:18pm

Hi guys and girls,

Sorry for the lack of blogs.  I've been a little bit busy organising the wedding.

This is a blog from The Groom.

The good news is that we have two late, but welcome extra guests, in the shape of Sharon and Sandra, who are very good friends of The Bride, and we are so pleased that they can share in our special day, and be with all of us.

I am feeling conflicted at the moment, because I want to make sure you all have a fantastic time, but my priority is my lady, so let's hope that I get the balance right!  Please be yourselves, as that is why we have invited you. You all have fantastic personalities, and we want you to express them.

The Boy Scout in me wants to give you all a final reminder that you should apply online for your European Medical Assistance Card.  This will cover you for 5 years across all European countries, for £10.  Surely this is a no brainer!

Patrice is and will be my focus now, and in the future.  I hope to show you all why I would be a fool not to marry such a special lady.

We will be our own DJs, so please feel free to bring your own music on a digital player, so you have no excuse for not hearing what you want!

Don't forget your suntan lotion, as the reported temperature in Malta is hot, hot, hot!

30 days to go and counting! We are so excited, and are looking forward to seeing you all in Malta.

All the best from a less stressed Groom!



We are geting Married - 20/03/13 - 8:31am

Hi Guests, 

Massive relief all the paper work has been completed by the Malta registry office. We are getting married, 'hip hip horay'.

We are getting down to the wire and will be asking you guys where you are staying on ths island, and for how long so we can get hold of you.

If you can get this info to us before we contact you that would be great. 

Here is another reminder to everyone, get your free European medical card before you land in Malta.  

See you all very soon in the sun.

The grooom.


Cheap flights to Malta - 20/03/13 - 8:28am

Hi Guys, just a quick hint.

Book between Wed 20th March and Thurs 21st march 2013 and get 25% off at Air Malta.

Here is the link:

Hope this helps you late bookers..

All the best,  Phil

Phils post birthday update. - 16/02/13 - 9:37pm

Hi all the Groom here,

Just had a fantastic birthday and Valentine's Day thanks to my glorious fiancée.

I have finally received my birth certificate from Jamaica, with my real name on it.  Hoorah! This is a big relief, as we can now tackle the Malta wedding paperwork, and my passport now matches my birth certificate.

We are getting nearer to sunny Malta every day, and want you all to know that he bride will be on time, so 5pm means 5pm! Please try to be with me at around 4:30pm, so I can have your company while we wait for my gorgeous bride.

I have heard on the grapevine that Patrice's wedding dress is beautiful, so ladies bring your hankies, and guys  " I already know I am punching above my weight ".

We will be contacting you all soon to get your hotel details so we can find you on the island.

I know it's the boy scout in me, but I did want to remind you all to get your free European medical card, just in case someone other than a member of my family has an accident.

That's it for now folks . Ciao ti'l my next blog.


Pre-Wedding BBQ - 24/01/13 - 4:38pm

Hello Friends and Family,

We hope you're all well, and not suffering too much in this cold and snowy weather. Just focus on the fact that 4 months tomorrow we will be in sunny Malta! WOO-HOO!!

Speaking of which, we have had an idea.  We thought that rather than everybody feeding themselves individually the night before the wedding, wouldn't it be lovely for us all to eat together?  So we've managed to arrange a 20 Euro a head (excluding alcohol) 'All You Can Eat BBQ Buffet', which will take place poolside, on 24th May, 7.30pm at The Radisson Blu, which is of course our wedding venue.   Vegetarians will be catered for, so don't worry if you are not a carnivore!  We've also managed to negotiate a kids menu at 10 Euro per head.

As well as getting our grub on, this will give you all an opportunity to relax and get to know one another before the big day, and for Phil and I to hang out with you guys.  We have to let the hotel know how many people to cater for, so if you plan to come, please can you RSVP to us here on the website, or by text to me on 07952 969 352.

We would be thrilled if you could join us.

Thank you so much

Patrice and Phil


Half price hotel in Malta - 16/01/13 - 4:30pm

Hi Guys and Girls,

We thought we would try to assist anyone who as yet has not booked a hotel in Malta.

Travel zoo have a half price offer on the corinthia hotels on the island:

£62 & up -- Luxury Malta Hotels on Sale, Save 50%
Source: Corinthia Hotels

Choose from:

  • Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa... from £62 (75€)
  • Corinthia St George's Bay... from £65 (78€)

Hope this helps.

See you all in Malta.

All the best for now from Patrice and Phil.

Happy New Year - 03/01/13 - 4:28pm

Happy New Year y'all.

We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year. Christmas Day marked 5 months exactly to our wedding day! We are so excited, and it's all starting to feel very real.  We've got so much of our planning done already though, so we're pretty much on schedule...hopefully :-)

We returned to the UK on Christmas Eve having had a fabulous 12 day trip to Sri Lanka to attend our bridesmaid Tamara's wedding, where I was bridesmaid, and wore a sari for the first time ever, which was gorgeous and great fun! Anyway, we feel so blessed to have been there, it's a beautiful island and we were able to have a lovely relaxing time away, and soak up some sunshine before getting back into full on wedding planning mode!

We're thrilled to have heard from many of you that you've already booked your flights and hotels, and most of you will be staying at the Radisson with us, which is fantastic, as we hope to spend time with you all as a group and have dinner together the night before our wedding. This will give you all the chance to get to know each other before our big day.  We really hope you will all be able to join us, if not for a meal, then for a drink.

That's all for now until our next blog.  oh... before I go, can I just say thank you to my wonderful fiance for being the most amazingly supportive and involved Groom to be!

Have a great weekend guys.

Lots of love. B2B xxx

Phils update December the First - 01/12/12 - 11:26am

Hi Guys and Girls,

Sorry about the delay in keeping you all posted, but most things are now almost sorted.

We have collected our own hand made rings and we love them, no they do not match each other but they do match our personalities.

Kunle the ring bearer has now also being introduced to the Bride, finally. Patrice now believes he does exists in the real world after over three and a half years of us all talking about this great guy.

My papers are now with the Jamaican officials to change my middle name, keep your fingers crossed that it goes through first time.

We have gone with Emma, Patrice's daughters recommendation and we will be honeymooning in Thailand.

The table seating is proving a bit of a nightmare as people keep chopping and changing but we have had the chance to add to our fantastic event some more choice and very much loved guests.

Our trip to Sri Lanka to share in one of our bridesmaids wedding is also so exciting for us, we cannot wait for her day to come on the 22nd December 2012. All the best to Pete and Tamara. xx

Our thoughts and love also go out to Zoe Ennis, Phil's Eldest son Colin's wife who was due to give birth to their first baby at the end of November, so anytime now folks.

Ok that's almost it for now just want to remind all the beautiful ladies coming to make sure they bring or have on dancing shoes as we plan to "Partayyyy".


Video camera needed - 09/10/12 - 8:08am

Hi to all our wonderful guests,

We are trying to arrange a back up for our own video service in Malta.

Will any of you be bringing a video camera to the island that we could borrow just for our wedding day please?

If so let us know.


Excited - 07/10/12 - 9:46am

We just wanted to share with you how super excited and touched we are that our family and dear friends who live overseas are going to travel many thousands of miles to come to our wedding.  It's hard to find the words to express how thrilled we are that they are going to be there to share our special day...

RSVP - 07/10/12 - 9:42am

Hi guys.  If you haven't already done so, please remember to RSVP through our website.  As indicated in your invitation, we really would appreciate it if you could do so before October 25th, so that we know how many people to cater for.

Thank you so much.... Patrice and Phil xx

Wedding Show - 07/10/12 - 9:33am

Hey Y'all.  Phil and I attended The National Wedding Show last week, which was great fun. There was so much to see!  One of the great things about being there, was that it really highlighted for us how much work we have already done towards planning our wedding.  We had to give ourselves little pats on the back!  Oh and the highlight of the show?  Seeing the bridesmaids dress that we have chosen glide down the runway at the catwalk show!  We love it even more now!

Radisson Blu Bookings - 21/09/12 - 5:38pm

Hello its me BTB again...!  Just wanted to let those of you who want to stay at the Radisson Blu, Golden Sands know that, even if you book your room now, you don't have to pay anything, not even a deposit, until you check in next May.  This might help with the old budget planning..... Happy Weekend

Hello from the Bride to Be - 20/09/12 - 3:19pm

Hi guys.  I figured it was time you heard from the Bride to be, although I must say Phil has been doing a sterling job of holding things down blog wise!

We're very excited to hear from so many of you that you've booked your flights and accommodation.  It's comforting to know that it won't just be Phil and me there on May 25th 2013.  Malta won't know what's hit it! 

We're stil in full on wedding planning mode. It seems that every time we think we tick something off our 'to do' list, we add on two more tasks!  I'm off to the National Wedding Show next weekend to seek fresh inspiration....although I'm happy to share with y'all that I already have my wedding dress!

Bye for now....Patrice

START BOOKING FLIGHTS & HOTEL - 09/09/12 - 2:34pm

Hi Guys and Gals,

We booked our flights to Malta today.

We were surprised how quickly the flight prices increased, so please book as early as you can.

The cheaper flights have a travel time of 6 - 11hrs (with stopover), the direct flights are 3hrs.

We obtained 5 seats for 190 each. 

The Radission Hotel are offering a discount of 10% for any stay over 3 nights.

Also this is a time  share hotel and if you can spare 4hrs for a presentation you can log on to and make a booking for accommodation through them for  7 nights, but you do not need to stay for all 7 nights.

The cost for B&B was around 726 pounds or if room only 348 pounds.

Worth looking into before you book direct via the hotel.

Hope this helps.  See you in Malta.

Patrice and Phil xx

Travel situations - 23/08/12 - 11:39pm

Hi Guests and friends,

We are still waiting to hear from the The Hotel,Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Malta Golden Sands. As to when we and our guests can start to book some accommodation.

Flights on the budget airlines are still not listed for May 2013, you can only book up to March 2013 so far. They start from around 160 pounds, at the moment if you need a guideline.

Patrice and I are a little frustrated in the fact that we have booked the venue, but cannot get our rooms yet, so much for forward planning.

We are going up to Scotland to see one of my best men Mark, this weekend.

We think travel costs are ridiculous it is cheaper to get to Malta than Scotland, Who knew ????

Well we have our layers just in case the sun runs off, have a happy holiday break and might see some of you in the carnival on Monday. Enjoy .....

Olympic rings are current but our rings are next - 02/08/12 - 11:42pm

Hi all,

We are about to pick our wedding rings, how many of you have or would select a ring with engraving or plain and simple.

Let us know. Yes we will have final choice but we value your input..

Still working on my name looks like I will have to re order my birth certificate from Jamaica.

The man with no name !!!! - 12/07/12 - 9:00pm

Hi everybody,,

Phil here, my plans were going well until I discovered the Jamaican officials  miss spelt my middle name, and did not record it the way my mum spells it.  

In Malta my marriage certificate will be based on my original Birth certificate, which does not match my passport.

So I am know forced into thinking of changing my middle name by deed poll, to match all my existing legal papers.

Or finding another solution, if it exists.

I will let you all know. "Dammmm the soon come and take it easy admin staff in Jamaica who cannot write an A from an O, Arghhhhhhh !!!!!!"


On the positive side Patrice's wedding dress is ready for her to try on this weekend, obviously I will not see it yet , but I feel sure the ladies will all be smiling and loving it.

Patrice and I would like to thank all those who have contributed to our website and to also send big hugs and kisses for all the positive feedback. We love you guys & girls xxxx


Background music - 26/06/12 - 3:40am

Hi Gang,

What can we say, so far the music choice is causing us some conflict, we need mood music for the wedding meal.

Guess who is having trouble picking a simple 50 or so approriate records, we are.

Well at least one of us will make it to the wedding, LOL . Phil.....


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