Saturday 25th May 2013 - Married for 1949 days

Wedding Party Profiles

The Bride's Ladies in waiting

Chief Bridesmaid
Chief BridesmaidEmma is also Daughter of The Bride. Mummy's Angel and right hand girl, Emma is beautiful and bright, with a quirky sense of style, and a great talent for accents! Both mother and daughter share a love of trashy TV and Russell Brand! She knows Patrice better than anyone!
Matron of Honour
Matron of HonourGeneve. Most likely to cry on the day. Patrice and Geneve met when they worked together at the BBC. Gen is a mummy of three beautiful girls! She is incredibly sweet, very practical (and wise!), and does a mean moonwalk which you might just get to see when she hits the dance floor!
Bridesmaid Tamara. One of The Bride's closest friends, Patrice met Tamara when they both worked at the BBC. Tamara is a Sri Lankan Brummie! Despite her bad taste in desserts, (and shoes!) she is adorable, fantastic fun, and wicked company!
BridesmaidLorna. Patrice and Lorna are non biological 'sisters'. Lorna has a heart of gold, is very level headed and will probably be the calmest maid on the day. This lovely lady, who has a beautiful spirit, is also a trained massage therapist, Those massage skills might come in very handy at our wedding !
BridesmaidGrace. Daughter of the groom - Daddy's Girl! Grace is intelligent, very funny, obsessed with jigsaw puzzles, and has a great sense of humour. She will definitely inspire smiles on the day.
BridesmaidCecilee. God Daughter of the Bride and eldest daughter of Geneve. Cecilee is a bundle of energy - she gives the best hugs, and has the most infectious smile in the world.

Best men:
The Groom's three musketeers

BestmanMark T. First introduced to Phil in the earlly 90's, Mark has never failed to be Phil's 'Brother from another Mother'. Mark lives in Scotland, so sadly we don't get to see enough of his positivity and smiling nature. Watch out for those hips, because Mark is an energetic Zumba teacher and will probably be the first one on the dance floor!
BestmanKunle. What can you say about a man who went to school with both Marks? These guys are the original 'Three Musketeers' and they have generously allowed Phil to play the part of D'Artagnan! Kunle is a great guy to have by your side in times of joy and pain. You would never know it, but he has mixed with many famous athletes in his capacity as a fitness coach! I'm also reliably informed that he is a wicked goal keeper!
BestmanMark V. Phil and Mark share the ability to administer a professional massage, should any of the guests get too tense! Family is very important to Mark, and like Phil he has a handful of kids who he loves to pieces. Dancing the night away is in his blood, and his calm and in control manner would never give the game away as to how much fun can be had in his company. Not many grooms are lucky enough to have three best men, but Phil could not separate these guys! They are all "diamond geezers".

Son of The Bride

Groomsman: Dante Jones. A serious multi tasker, Dante is not only Son of the Bride, but he will also act as 'Father of The Bride' when he gives Patrice away on her wedding day. Dante is a passionate Liverpool fan who never misses a game of footy!